Starting VS Code Insider from Command Line

If you’re like me, you love living on the digital edge, and using the newest bits all over.

When you go from Visual Studio Code, and step into Visual Studio Code – Insiders however, you will quite fast experience that you no longer can simply type code .\ from the command line to start developing. This is because Microsoft is nice enough to ensure that you can co-run these two together, and the command would actually be code-insiders .\

To solve this, you simply have to copy two files and rename them to code.

Note! This will break the coexisted experience between VS Code and VS Code – Insiders.

Let’s step trough them

    1. Browse to the path where you have installed Visual Studio Code – Insider. Default path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code Insiders\bin.
    2. Copy code-insiders and code-insiders.cmd and paste them back in the same folder.
    3. Rename both copied files to simply code and code.cmd

That’s it. You can now start Visual Studio Code – Insiders from the command line just as you’re used to.


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