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You don’t have to be developer to follow //Build

It’s just a few hours till //Build Keynote, and the hottest developer conference in 2016 kicks off. But how about us IT Pros?

After skimming over the agenda, I see that not all of them are just for hard core developers. There is actually quite a few sessions that at least I find extra interesting. Below you can see the session I will be following, not all will be live, but hopefully most of them will be available on demand later on 🙂

For a complete list of all Channel9 live session, check this filter at

Join me watching these videos, and lets prepare for Ignite 2016 later this year 🙂


Powershell One-liner for finding all objcets that use a spesific domain name in Exchange Online

In some cases we need to find all objects that use a domain name in Exchange Online or Azure AD. For example when we need to remove a domain from a Office 365 tenant. This is not a easy task, unless we are able to script it.

The following three one-liners prints out all email addresses that is active on a object.

Get all users with

Get-MsolUser -DomainName ""

Get all distribution groups with

Get-DistributionGroup | foreach {$_.EmailAddresses | ? {$_ -like "*"}}

Get all dynamic distribution groups with

Get-DynamicDistributionGroup | foreach {$_.EmailAddresses | ? {$_ -like "*"}}

Thereafter we can either go in and remove these manually, or we could write a new script that does it for us using the Set-MailUser, Set-Mailbox, Set-DistributionGroup or Set-DynamicDistributionGroup

Preparing and diagnose tools for Microsoft Cloud solutions

This is just a quick summarize post of different tools and guides for preparing or diagnosing an deployment in the Microsoft Cloud universe. This post will also be updates as I find new tools.

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Fast Track Network Analysis

Fast Track links borrowed from



Get Insight to the Modern Workplace

One of Microsoft’s new campaigns for the Office 365 family is named Modern Workplace. In stead of focusing on technology and single products that only the toughest techies are able to understand, the value of using new technology is put into focus instead. After showing some of the slides and statements to my parents, even they understand what I’m doing at work.

Take a inspiring peek yourself, and have a merry Christmas 🙂