Microsoft Azure

Slidedeck from #EVRYWhatsnext roadshow

Half way into the roadshow now, and it’s time for a quick blog post for those who want to have another look at the slides.

They can all be downloaded in PDF format at

If you want the PPTX format, please feel free to contact me and I’ll send them to you 🙂


All Resources View available in Azure Preview Portal

In complete silence, Microsoft have released the All Resources view in the Azure Preview Portal.

The view allows you to browse resources much in the same way as the current Management Portal, but in a more “modern” view, if I can say so.

As you can see from the image below, we are able to search, select subscription and choose what columns we want to see.


Another great tip is to pin this blade to the dashboard, and let it use 4×6 tiles.


To do so follow these simple steps

  1. Click Browse everything
  2. Click the Pin up in the right corner
  3. Left click the dashboard, and select customize
  4. Move the blade to you location of choice, and select 4×6 as the size.


Also note that subscription and name filtering are available on all other blades as well. Perfect when you have multiple subscription connected with the same Azure Active Directory. When we choose a subscription where, it’s also “sticky” so when browsing to another blade, your section will be remembered.


Happy Azure time 🙂

The missing site-to-site connectivity option

When creating a new Virtual Network in Azure, you might have noticed that the site-to-site connectivity option is missing, while the point-to-site connectivity is ready for activation.


The most probable reason for this is that there is no Local Networks configured in the subscription where you created the new Virtual Network.

Try browsing to New, Network Services, Virtual Network, All Local Network, and create a new one for the subscription where you need it. Then go back to the Virtual Network Configuration tab and you should see the create a site-to-site connectivity option.