Window Azure

My slides from the What’s hot session in Stavanger April 3, 2014

Thank you to all who attended at What’s hot seminarĀ in Stanvanger yesterday and the session about Windows Azure from me and Anders Borchsenius from Microsoft.

I have made my slides, and the notes, available at my OneDrive for you to download if you like.

The slides is in Norwegian, but basically they show how to activate MFA on a Windows Azure Active Directory tenant, and a quick demo on how to activate MFA on a user.

Since the links at the last page isn’t clickable, I also post them below

Windows Azure Virtual Machine hangs in “Starting” state

Once one and then you might experience that your VM hangs with the status “Starting”.


This is really frustrating as you do not have a force power off button in the Azure GUI.

This is where PowerShell is your savior.

Open a Windows Azure PowerShell window, and connect to your subscription. The run this command

Stop-AzureVM -Name YourVMName -ServiceName YourServiceName -Force

Force is the keyword here. Give it some seconds, and the VM should stop. Now, you can try to start it again.

For more on this command, and Azure Powershell in general, visitĀ